Chris Jericho explains how to be respected by Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho

Double or Nothing, it’s tonight! AEW’s first major rendezvous in a ring, Kenny Omega will face Chris Jericho.

The winner of the match will get a chance to become the first AEW World Champion in the history of the federation. Put in context now, let’s come to the facts.

Anxious to promote Double or Nothing and never stingy in anectodes, Chris Jericho was recently the guest of Busted Open Radio. Our man took the opportunity to engage in the relationship he has with Vince McMahon and what he feels is the right way to go to the WWE CEO to get his respect:

“He’s a great guy, but he’s a boss too, if you do something he does not like, he’ll tell you and you’ll pay the price.” Vince respects the rebels, the people who are in the same state of mind as him, and if this guy was not a rebel, there would simply be no WWE.They like the people who act, not the ones who make that talk.Every time I came to ask him for good reasons, he always respected it, and when it was for the wrong reasons, it was discussed. “

Jericho then launches into the story of one of his old promos. Engaged in a speech at 300% heel, a spectator had sent him a DX stick in the face.

Jericho bounced back, shouting at the audience to show him what he knew how to do: let everyone balance what he has on hand! The ring and the stage were then covered with a hundred DX sticks. A shambles that had only moderately pleased the officials:

“After the show I was told that Stéphanie McMahon wanted to fine me and hang me in. The thing is, Stephanie was not my boss, I did not care about what she wanted. I called Vince and I left him a message: “I made the public react. It’s my job. That’s why I’m paid. What did I do wrong? Are you going to fine me and suspend me for having the public react? Go ahead! “Vince just sent me a smiling smiley, and the next day he did not even talk about it, he just said,” No worries. “

The recipe for not being crushed by Patriarch McMahon does not seem so complicated: to be straight in his boots and not to lie flat.

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