Charlotte Flair and Andrade also protect their names

Last week we talk about that Luke Harper was registering his name as an independent wrestler, Brodie Lee to leave the WWE company and to have the rights on it. Today the same situation happens, but in a WWE couple that has no intention of leaving the company.

Indeed, PWInsider informs us that Charlotte Flair has registered the brand ” Ashley Flair ” (of her real name) as well as ” The Queen of Wrestling ” to produce T-shirts and clothes, and as a service of entertainment as a wrestler. On the other side, his friend Andrade has put his former name on the independent stage ” La Sombra ” and his nickname WWE ” El Idolo ” for the same reasons as Charlotte.

It should be remembered that Ric Flair also has a trademark filing history to protect his names from WWE and other companies. Is it simple advice from her father to protect himself for the future? Surely yes, for the moment there is no rumor that Charlotte and Andrade would like to leave the WWE. It remains to be seen if other Superstars will follow suit.

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