Carmella reveals what plastic surgery she has benefited from


There is more and more attention on women in the world of wrestling, they must always be at the top also on a physical level, therefore there is a certain number of wrestlers who have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. Trish Stratus, Lita and even Charlotte have admitted to having undergone such interventions, but the former Smackdown female champion, Carmella, has recently revealed how much she has taken to always look her best.

Carmella was asked how much plastic surgery she used and revealed that it is much less than what her fans believe:

“It’s true, I put on breast implants, but my favorite part is that people think I have used plastic surgery on my face, which is completely false. I used the lip filler, which is not a secret, so all the people out there who think my face is fake, I appreciate the compliment because there is nothing fake about it, I just learned to style myself and put on good makeup. “

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