Brock Lesnar could have a second opponent at WrestleMania 35

Brock Lesnar

In 13 days, Brock Lesnar will face Seth Rollins to defend his WWE title at WrestleMania 35. A match that looks physical for both men.

A few weeks ago, we reported that UFC fighter Daniel Cormier had mocked the catchesque career of The Beast in order to provoke a face to face between the two men, when Lesnar finally decide to return in the Octagon.

A few hours ago, Cormier gave a diaper that promised hell to Lesnar and announcing that if he did not come to him he would come to him, especially during WrestleMania 35, intervening directly in the fight with Rollins.

In an interview Cormier states:

“I do not have a fight yet, but my eyes are on Brock Lesnar. Maybe I’ll go to WrestleMania, and I’ll cost him his title there so he can hurry to go to the UFC to beat him there too. “

Amazing hypothesis, but not so far-fetched. Indeed, the WWE and the UFC have become closer and closer in recent years. Exchanging talents, a teasing of a match Cormier vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania would be an incredible buzz. The UFC return match would be held in August based on the latest information from Dana White.

Also note that Daniel Cormier is “WWE compatible”. Fighting fan, the UFC star was approached by FOX to hold SmackDown’s comments at the end of the year. He even passed tests.

Finally, while Conor McGregor is also on the shelves of the company Stamford, in an idea to accompany Becky Lynch on the biggest stage in the world, Cormier would finally be the jewel in the crown.

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