Brock Lesnar learns the rules of MITB

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman had promised the WWE Universe that they would announce against whom the Money in the Bank contract will be cashed between WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Universal Champion Seth Rollins. But here we have to wait!

Indeed, while Brock Lesnar was preparing to cash his contract, Paul Heyman read the clauses of the contract and Lesnar cut when he mentioned “possibility to cash it in a year” . Lesnar said he was not aware of this information and that he would wait a long time before cashing his contract! He even told Seth to “go fuck himself by then”.

While we all expected to see a title defense between Lesnar and a champion soon, we will finally have to stay patient for a long time and Lesnar will keep the champions in suspense. You can consult the complete RAW summary of May 27th at this address.

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