Brock Lesnar is he champion? – WWE RAW Results June 3, 2019

WWE RAW Results

The WWE RAW show starts with Cole welcoming us and Roman Reigns arrives in the ring for his fight. But now Shane McMahon arrives on the scene. Shane asks Mike Rome to present him well. Shane says he does not sleep anymore, because he and Reigns will fight Super ShowDown and he can silence him. He is named as the best in the world and he gets even better with age. He will beat Reigns from all sides and he will finish with his Coast to Coast. He will then bring Reigns to the center of the ring to apply his Triangle Choke to him and have him hit for the first time in his career! When the referee tells him to stop, he will continue. Everyone will hear that he is the winner. Reigns says that he would like to see Shane try to get him hit. He’s only going to crush him on the ground when Shane is going to try to make his bid. Shane has no chance against him in the ring. Shane is lucky to be here tonight because of the help he gets, like Drew McIntyre’s. At Stomping Grounds he will take care of McIntyre. McIntyre arrives on the scene.

McIntyre says the fans here are disrespectful to Shane. McIntyre says Shane will win at Super ShowDown and Stomping Grounds he will end Reigns for good. But that’s the future, Reigns has to worry about the present. He does not need his partners, he will put Reigns KO now. McIntyre gets into the ring, but the Revival attack Reigns in the back! Usos arrive to push them away. The referee takes control and the fight begins.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Drew McIntyre & The Revival beat Roman Reigns & The Usos
by pinfall

After the fight, Shane did not say his last word. Shane coordinates his team, the Revival make a Shatter Machine Reigns and McIntyre chained with his Claymore Kick! Shane ends with a Spear to humiliate Reigns.

Back after the break, it’s time for a MizTV. Miz welcomes us to his show. He says tonight is not about him, but about the night when Brock Lesnar has to cash his Money in the Bank contract. Miz introduces the Universal Seth Rollins Champion who arrives in the ring. Miz says Rollins must defend his title at Super ShowDown, but everything can still be changed. Paul Heyman announced that Lesnar will cash his contract tonight, what Rollins thinks. Rollins says that already must assume that Lesnar will be here and that Heyman has told the truth. The last time Heyman told the truth never happened. He will believe it when he goes to see him for Lesnar. Miz says the two are familiar with the power of the contract as they have in the past. This time the contract is in the hands of the most dominant wrestler in WWE, the Beast Brock Lesnar. Rollins says he understands the seriousness of the situation. But the truth is that he will be released if Lesnar cash his contract tonight. He can not focus on the present otherwise. Rollins says he needs to focus on Baron Corbin and beat Corbin on Friday. In the car park, a car arrives and Paul Heyman gets out with Brock Lesnar! Lesnar and Heyman walk towards the entrance, but finally decide to go to his lodge.

Back, Lucha House Party arrives in the ring for a fight, but Lars Sullivan arrives. Sullivan chases on the members of the Lucha House Party, but the Lucha House Party finally expels Sullivan from the ring with several Drop Kicks.

Behind the scenes, the Iiconics make fun of Nikki Cross who is alone. Alexa Bliss arrives and asks if they have anything else to do. Royce says she has a fight to prepare against Nikki who will be iconic. They leave. Bliss offers Nikki to have coffee with her. Nikki says they are friends, the past is not important. Bliss says she’ll be in her corner tonight.

Back, Becky Lynch is in the ring. Becky says that the man has thought and wants to make changes. She spent time at home after a long absence where she toured the world and won the main event of WrestleMania. Becky says she’s become comfortable and you must not. When Lacey Evans helped Charlotte Flair become the champion at Money in the Bank, something woke up at her house. She has become angry and no one can keep her on the ground when she becomes in this state. She will fight until the last breath. Lacey Evans arrives on the scene and says that she made everyone’s favor at Money in the Bank. Becky should not be the face that represents WWE. Becky invites him to come to the ring to break his arm. Evans says we do not play with her. She is the reason why Becky did not win MITB. Evans enters the ring and says that the next time they go to fight Becky will be an untitled Becky. Charlotte Flair’s music begins and she arrives.

Charlotte tells Becky to stop with her apology. She became the nine-time champion of SmackDown, Wooo! Becky asks Charlotte where her title is. Evans asks what Charlotte is doing here, she needs attention as dad’s daughter. Charlotte enters the ring and says she’s halfway to breaking her father’s record and Evans is only making tea. She did not even need to put her wrestling outfit on to put Evans on the back. Evans says that Charlotte has no title tonight and she has the image of the WWE. Charlotte can go back to SmackDown unless she wants to be educated. Charlotte stays in the ring, Evans hits her with a Women’s Right! A referee arrives and starts the fight.

Single match
Lacey Evans beats Charlotte Flair
by disqualification, following the intervention of Becky Lynch

After the fight, Becky gets into the ring and does her Manhandle Slam on Evans.

Back, the US champion Rey Mysterio arrives in the ring with a scarf at the shoulder. Rey says he’s going to go live. He’s been in the WWE for a long time, it’s in his blood and in the blood of his family. It’s something he can share with his son Dominick who trains like him. Tonight he must make sure to set a good example and do the right thing as a man and as a champion. Rey was going to give up his US title, but Samoa Joe’s music begins. Joe asks if he arrives too fast and spoils his moment. He was behind and he heard the word ” champion ”, he thought it was his signal. Joe says he has a request for Rey’s speech. Rey must not ruin the ad by telling a lie. The fact is that Rey gives up the title as his shoulders have never been on the ground, he is not the champion. Rey says he’s not here to scam people. This is not the moment he wanted. He has earned titles throughout his career through pain and injury. Tonight he’s enough man to announce that he is giving up his title United States … to … Samoa Joe! Rey puts the belt down and says he’ll be back. Rey was going to leave, but Joe catches him and rings him with his Coquina Clutch! The referees arrive to stop Joe and Joe leaves with the US title.

Behind the scenes, Brock Lesnar prepares himself for his fight.

Back, behind the scenes, Cesaro says that people like to talk here. His actions will speak and Ricochet will pay. It is naive to believe if he will win a second time.

Behind the scenes, Ricochet says their rivalry will continue and he will give his best to prove he can still win.

Braun Strowman is in the ring for a wrestling competition. Bobby Lashley arrives in the ring and the wrestlers settle down. Lashley makes fun of Strowman and gives him a slap. The referee asks for calm. The two return and the competition begins, but stops as Lashley’s hand slips. The competition resumes for a third time and Strowman wins the showdown. Lashley throws the chalk powder into Strowman’s face and strikes him. Lashley chained with a Running PowerSlam.

A video of R-Truth‘s 24/7 title defense on the golf course is presented yesterday, video available here. Behind the scenes, Carmella searches for R-Truth, but is followed by Drake Maverick and EC3.

Single match
Nikki Cross defeats Peyton Royce
by pinfall

After the fight, Bliss is furious and makes a DDT to Kay! Cross and Bliss celebrate together.

Back, Seth Rollins is in the ring. Rollins said he knew he would have a target on his back by winning the title. That’s what he wanted, but that’s not what happens with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s music begins! Rollins is waiting and nobody is coming. Rollins says that’s enough for Lesnar’s game. Lesnar was the most scary man on the planet. If there is any part of a beast in him, Lesnar would better come and cash his contract here and now! Baron Corbin’s music begins and he arrives. Corbin says Rollins is on fire, too bad it’s not for the right person. Rollins must be concerned about him and not Lesnar. He is the one who breaks dreams and he will take the title Universal de Rollins. Rollins says that to do that Corbin must beat him and he has no chance. Corbin’s only chance at having the title is if he’s dead. Corbin says he is the one who sent Kurt Angle to retirement and he can also do it in Rollins. Rollins hits Corbin! The exchange of blows begins and Rollins the fate of the ring. The music of Brock Lesnar begins. Corbin takes this opportunity to make his End of Days Rollins!

Lesnar’s music begins and he arrives with a chair, Paul Heyman and a referee. Lesnar enters the ring and makes a Low Blow Rollins! Lesnar chained the chair on Rollins. Lesnar chained with a German Suplex. Heyman tells Lesnar to cash in, but Lesnar says he wants to wait. Lesnar brings Rollins down the ring and makes him an F5! Lesnar rolls Rollins back into the ring and starts the chair again. Heyman yells at him to cash the MITB contract, but Lesnar chained with a German Suplex on Rollins. Lesnar yells to Heyman that he will wait for Friday. Lesnar hits Rollins with his MITB suitcase and leaves the ring. Doctors arrive to ship Rollins on the stretcher.

Back, Seth Rollins is in the ambulance and is accompanied by his girlfriend Becky Lynch.

This is the moment of the Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt says he has something very serious to talk to us about, exercise! Wyatt says you have to look good and feel good to be at its best. Wyatt presents his puppet pig that eats chocolate. Wyatt says he does not look after him well. He must tell him that one day he could become good and that he will have the world in his hands. A demon puppet Vince McMahon arrives and tells him he’d better come here if he does not want to get fired. Wyatt begins to sing and dance his exercise training.

Back, Triple H arrives in the ring and the crowd sings ” NXT ”. Triple H says he’s here to talk about Randy Orton. Orton’s music begins and he arrives in the ring. Triple H says it’s been a long time since he’s been watching Orton in the eye. We all know what face-to-face segments bring interest in a fight. Maybe there will even be a physical exchange. But it’s been 20 years between the two, they can not say anything more. He is not going to waste our time. Orton only needs to know that the suit should not distract him. He comes to Jeddah to kick his ass. Orton says that Triple H must understand that he is not Batista. He is the Legend Killer and Triple H knows it. He will beat Triple H proudly. Triple H says he has watched their video of their story and one thing has marked it. He said that when Orton will have the pressure he will be a diamond. And he was right, Orton is the best rider on the ring. Triple H says that several people tried to put him on the ground and they all left. Orton will not be the one to do it. Triple H was going to leave, but Orton asked Triple H to give him a favor and get his balls back into Stephanie’s purse before their match. Triple H says the idea is good, he’ll do that. On the other hand, they are so big that it is difficult to transport. He hopes to have room to bring him with him. Orton can not understand that as he has none. He will see him in Jeddah.

Behind the scenes, Charly asks Baron Corbin about his reaction to Seth Rollins’ departure by ambulance. Corbin thinks it’s funny. Corbin says that Lesnar has given him a favor, Rollins will have no chance at Super ShowDown. We look at the next Universal Champion.

Single match
Ricochet beats Cesaro
by pinfall

After the fight, Cesaro is furious and attacks Ricochet in the back. Cesaro wants to get a table under the ring, but R-Truth was hidden under the ring! Cesaro does not understand anything, Ricochet gives him a Drop Kick. R-Truth wants to escape, but a group of wrestlers are coming! Cedric Alexander launches suicide jump on everyone, R-Truth takes the opportunity to escape. Drake Maverick wants to block his way, but Carmella makes him a Superkick! Truth fled into the crowd.

Back, the music of Undertaker begins and it arrives in the ring. Undertaker asks if we wondered what happens when we face death for the first time. Does the sky become dark? Does the ground fall? Undertaker says Friday Goldberg will have the answers to these questions. When he will be in the ring for the first time he does not want Goldberg the father with his son who looks at him with joy. He wants the Goldberg that is impossible to stop, the legend. He promises Goldberg that if he brings less than that, their first fight will be Goldberg’s last. He will open the doors of hell and bring a level of brutality he has never faced. He will recover his soul for eternity. Undertaker says Goldberg is next.

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