Becky Lynch mentions that her fight with Shayna Baszler is not over

becky lynch

Becky Lynch beat Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania, but she did so with a flip on the Kirifuda Clutch instead of a clear pin. Now it seems that this end was done to prolong the feud, and the Man herself is teasing that the fight between the two is not over.

The Raw Women’s Champion was interviewed backstage after WrestleMania and talking about Baszler, she said that if she has a problem with the finish, then she knows where to find her.

“Well, Shayna has a problem. She thinks she has my number, she surely doesn’t,” said Becky. “But if she has a problem with that end tonight, just tell her to not go missing. She knows where to find me. I’ll be taking down the fort. Every single week.”

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