Becky Lynch discusses depression she suffered before WWE

becky lynch
becky lynch

After suffering an injury that ended her career in wrestling for a period of time, Becky Lynch suffered from depression during this difficult time.

Becky Two Belts told about this delicate period of her life and on various topics including the following excerpts:

His debut in wrestling:

“I went there from the first day and that’s when I fell in love, I was delighted. I left home that year and went to England to train. Then I was doing little tours all around and at 18, I was going to Canada. I’ve been wrestling in America, Japan, all over Europe, and that’s how I started doing that. “

Having suffered depression before joining WWE:

“When I walked away from it, I suffered from depression and I always felt I had turned my back on that thing that I loved and that thing that gave me a purpose. I always felt like there was a part of me to fix it, and that part of me was that. I am really grateful for those years. At the time, it was difficult to see where that would lead us. In retrospect, I am so grateful because I would not be where I am if I would not have moved away.

His nickname “The Man”:

When we look at different sports, when we watch our sport or any industry, you need a high-level person, the person of exceptional ability who is usually called “The Man”. They are “The Man”, and so far, “The Man” has always been a man. But when I was in top position, when I said, “I’m the top star, I’m the face of this business”, I became “The Man”, and that’s how it’s come.”.

Regarding his two titles:

“Now I have two giant targets on my back, and I know everyone will try to make me fall and prove myself. The goal now is to make these titles the most publicized of all WWE. It’s about making these titles the most relevant titles in the entire WWE. So it’s a double task, and it’s one thing to get to the top of the mountain, but it’s another thing to stay there. And now I’m going to have a lot of people trying to make me fall. “

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