Bayley: “WWE Evolution, I would really like another one

sasha banks
sasha banks

Last night, the RAW Superstar spoke to Catch-Newz on behalf of the Aventure WrestleMania during a conference call for European media. During our exchange, we talked about the place of women in the WWE but also the PPV Evolution, absent from the official program of the Stamford company in 2019.

Finally, we asked the most crucial question for French fans of the wrestler: how to get a hug from him this year in Paris! The answer at the end of the interview.

Discover at the top of the article the audio version in English subtitled in French of our interview with the WWE Superstar, Bayley.

Hello Bayley, how are you?

I’m fine thank you.

In recent weeks, many people have said that women are currently much better than men in the WWE, do you feel a kind of rivalry between men and women in the locker room? Women still had only a minor role, something like five years ago. And do you think that inter-generational battles could emerge in the near future?

Uh … I would like a return of inter-gender fighting. The Hardy Boyz and Lita did it. Molly Holly too. Eddie and Chyna too. It was so cool. With the things we see at the moment like Nia Jax in the Men’s Royal Rumble this is definitely a possibility and I would like to be part of it because it would be frankly pleasant. I think that wrestlers and wrestlers want to. When you see someone give everything he has, get attention and fans see how good the division is, it galvanizes everyone behind the scenes. Men have always supported us every time we had opportunities.

Do you know if we will have a new WWE Evolution show this year and who would you like to face if the show takes place?

I would really like another one. The first show was so successful and I really liked it. It was my favorite fight actually. And Sasha and I still have a plan to remain the team champions so having a new Evolution show would be a good plan to have Trish [Stratus] and Lita at WrestleMania or Evolution.
And last question, for fans who will be ringing for the WWE Live Event in France this year, what is the best technique to have a hug from you?
Haha. Only make a sign for me to see you. Sometimes I’m too excited about being in France so I do not see anything. Just give me a sign and I’ll give you a hug.

Thank you very much and good luck for Sunday.

Thank you.

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