Bayley knows his challengeuse – WWE SmackDown Results of the June 4, 2019


This new episode of WWE Smackdown Live, the last before Super ShowDown, opens from Texas with the entry of The New Day. Microphone in hand, Kofi Kingston says that if there is one thing he has learned in recent years is that life is full of surprises, between championship and friends, pointing Woods. However the WWE Champion says that there were not only highs but also lows, but that he always fought. Thanks to these stockings, he had the strength to win the WWE title at Wrestlemania 35. Despite the importance of winning this title on the biggest stage of all, the most important for him is to inspire people in the whole world. In closing this sentence he points to the giant screen of the arena where is broadcast a video of his return to his native Ghana.

Very moved by this view, he says he was finally able to return to Ghana, 26 years later. Kingston mentions the importance and the incredible sensation for him to see children with eyes that shine in front of him, inspired by his achievements. Moments later, he is interrupted by his opponent on Friday, Dolph Ziggler. The latter says that, indeed, Kingston inspires the fans but it is not what must be seen or heard. He says the fans’ attention should be focused on him and a video is shown on the big screen, summarizing his career. Ziggler goes on to say that he gave everything to the fans over the long years but he did not get anything back and he should have been the champion and Kingston is a hero now, but that should have been him . The champion tells Dolph that he has nothing to envy and that he beat him for the intercontinental title for his first defense several years ago. Kingston continues and contradicts his statement, that “it should have been him” and a video showing Ziggler vacating the US title is broadcast.

Kingston tells Ziggler that “it should be him” but when he was confronted with a difficulty, he did as he always did: he gave up. Unlike him, Kingston says he never gave up and that’s why at WWE Super ShowDown he will keep his title and “it will not be him.” Silent, Ziggler responds to the champion by pointing to the giant screen where a video summarizing his beating on Kingston two weeks ago, is broadcast. Ziggler concluded the segment by saying that “this Friday, it will be me”.

Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods beat Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens
by pinfall

After the advertisement, we find Alexa Bliss for “A Moment of Bliss” with her guest, Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley. The host is waiting for the champion for a few moments before asking him a first question, waiting for his coffee. Bliss then asks what happened to Money in the Bank, in a rather ironic way. Bayley sums up his title win with his cash-in, but Bliss says his own cash-in against Nia Jax was spectacular. That’s why she wonders if the Smackdown Women’s Championship really means anything with her. They are interrupted by Carmella, who claims a league game at Bayley, because she considers deserve it because she is a former champion thanks to Money in the Bank, like him. Charlotte Flair then arrives on the course and explains having discussed with Shane McMahon and announces that she will face Alexa Bliss and Carmella tonight in a triple threat match to determine Bayley’s opponent at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Behind the scenes and by phone, R-Truth learns that he will have to defend his 24/7 Championship in a match, right away, facing Elias. After the advertisement, we learn that it is a Lumberjack match.

24/7 Championship Lumberjack match
Elias beats R-Truth (c)
by pinfall

24/7 Championship
R-Truth defeats Elias (c)
by pinfall

Once the belt won, in less than a minute, Elias is attacked by the Superstars Lumberjack but manages to sneak under the ring, chased by R-Truth and accompanied by a referee. Without seeing the action, we expect the referee to count three under the ring. The latter and R-Truth, belt in hand, come out of the ring and the official announcement of change of title is made. R-Truth then leaves the arena by the public, chased by Drake Maverick.

We now find Shane McMahon and The Revival, making their entrance to the ring. Shane remembers last night’s events at RAW, telling The Revival that the beating on Roman Reigns was fantastic. He liked it so much, that he asks that a recap be broadcast on the giant screen. Shane likens the beating on Roman Reigns to how to train a dog, show him who the boss is when it’s needed. Figuratively, he insinuates while he will train the Big Dog this Friday at WWE Super ShowDown. Roman Reigns arrives on the stage and The Revival rush on him, but are very quickly damaged by Reigns. He then goes to the ring, not leaving Shane, he is then attacked by Drew McIntyre with a Claymore Kick. Like last night at RAW, Shane and McIntyre hit him in the ring before leaving him a few moments later, leaving Reigns sounded a few days before their match this Friday at Super ShowDown.

Triple Threat Match – The winner will face Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds
Alexa Bliss beats Carmella & Charlotte Flair
by pinfall

We find Lars Sullivan in the ring, after making his entry, for an exclusive interview. Sullivan is asked what motivates him to do the things he does. Silent for a moment, he ends up answering, asking “if you’ve ever wondered why a lion stalks and shreds its prey?” Then why asked what motivates him in life, he replies. He says he was called “freak” all his life. He goes on to say that we speak of natural instinct among lions, but that the term “freak” is used for him. Sullivan says he’s here to remind fans that life is not a fairy tale but that it’s made of pain and agony. He concluded by saying that this will happen at Lucha House Party this Friday at Super ShowDown.

As he faced Apollo Crews, Andrade attacked him before the check sounded. Intercontinental champion Finn Balor arrives in the ring but gets knocked out by his challenger.

It is time to welcome for the first time in the history of Smackdown Live, Goldberg. He will face, for the first time in his career, the Undertaker this Friday at WWE Super ShowDown. Micro in hand, Goldberg says he has spent 25 years imagining what it would be like to be in this ring against the Undertaker and this Friday he will finally achieve this goal. He goes back on what the Undertaker said last night to RAW, that he does not want to see the man of family but the legend who has achieved a series of 173 victories without defeat. He claims that this is exactly what he will have, a beating by Goldberg this Friday and that he will be “the next, to rest in peace”.

A gong sounded then and the arena is plunged into darkness. The Undertaker is behind Goldberg and the latter turns for an ultimate confrontation with the Dead Man for a few seconds before a new gong sounds and the Undertaker disappears. Goldberg concluded the Main Event by reminding the Undertaker to be ready for WWE Super ShowDown.

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