Batista against Triple H officialized under a stipulation

The wait was palpable in the WWE Universe while for two weeks we waited for the reaction of Triple H and Batista. A face-to-face meeting was scheduled between the two men at RAW on March 11, but Batista finally decided to stay on the scene with a wall of security guards to separate him from Triple H.

Triple H wanted to fight, but Batista refused the invitation, shouting that he only wants Triple H to give him what he wants for years. But what does Batista want for all his years? The Animal wants to end the career of the man who always kept him in the shadows, Triple H, on the biggest stage of all at WrestleMania.

Triple H finally accepted the fight, but he added as stipulation; a No Holds Barred! A fight where no disqualification is possible, nothing will prevent the two men mutually destroy each other. What is the goal of Batista, who said his dream is to finish his career at WrestleMania by finishing the career of his Triple H mentor.

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