Authorities announce general containment, WWE Performance Center to close

Faced with the coronavirus and cases that do not stop climbing in the city of Orlando in Florida, now the government authorities have decided to force confinement!

Indeed, from Thursday, March 26, 2020, the people of Orange County will be forced to stay at home until April 9, 2020. Legislation that will affect WWE as the Performance Center and Full Sail Hall are part of Orange County Florida! All those who do not comply with the policy, except for going to eat, grocery shopping, see a doctor or walk outside with a distance of 2 meters, will receive a fine of $50 and up to 50 days in prison if repeated.

It should not be forgotten that WWE had a plan to complete all of its TV recordings including WrestleMania by Thursday, March 26, 2020. So WWE seems to be once again saving itself from a government policy at the very last second. So let’s hope that WWE managed to finish each of its segments as it was scheduled, otherwise the company could face fines if the authorities see what is happening in the Performance Center.

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