A huge match at the NJPW + a return Tournament


The NJPW just finished its Super J-Cup and as Royal Quest arrives, the Japanese company already plans what will happen next in their calendar. This is how they announced two good news for the fans of the company.

First, The Next” Big show ” after Royal Quest should be the Destruction shows, including Kobe. Indeed it has already been announced that the IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito will defend for the first time since he got his belt back this one against “Switchblade” Jay White in a against one that already looks interesting.

Second announcement and not least there is the time of the Young Lion Cup for a twelfth edition. The last one was in 2017 and had seen a Kitsuya Kimura win the trophy.

This year they will be eight, two more than in 2017, to try to win the biggest distinction for a young Lion :

Shot Umino: Jon Moxley’s new protégé is the first entrant in this Cup, he had notably managed in 2017 to make a score of two wins for three losses.

Ren Narita: completely missing out on the young Lion Cup 2017 where he had notably won none of his games, Narita has a lot more experience now and even participated in the recent J-Cup where he was eliminated in the first round.

Yota Tsuji: first Young Lion Cup for Yota Tsuji who started in 2017 but did not participate in it. He will try to make debut.

Yuya Uemura: second young Japanese Lion to have never participated in the Cup, he will offer himself this first participation. His duel against Tsuji is particularly awaited, the two having been in constant opposition since their arrival at the NJPW.

Clark Connors: big prospect of the LA Dojo, the American wrestler will be one of the first of his dojo to participate in this cup, he was notably put forward during the G1 Climax and participated in the Super J-Cup.

Karl Frederiks: Absent from the Super J-Cup when it comes to him, Frederiks is the other prospect often put forward as a product of the LA Dojo. He will have the opportunity to participate in his first Cup with the NJPW.

Alex Coughlin: less forward than his peers on the LA Dojo side, Coughlin only took part in the second day of the Super J-Cup where he managed to beat Shota Umino.

Michael Richards: perhaps a total stranger to the non-afficionados of the NJPW but Richards is a young lion who comes from the dojo of Bad Luck Fale. He will have the opportunity to shine and make shine the dojo of Fale which has only one representative for the moment within the NJPW, Toa Henare.

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