6 WWE Dream Matches That Could Happen In 2020

Dream Matches wwe

We are usually told that anything is possible in the WWE world, and despite the high level of cynicism we have towards the product in the modern-day, the adage yet sounds true from time to time, the best example of this is the idea of the ‘dream match’.

Sadly, this can usually lead to many fans fantasizing over far-fetched generational clashes that are better dropped on crappy WWE 2K games than being directed into reality.

But, in some cases, a legendary ‘dream match’ can become something only more practical and – dare I say it – completely entertaining than it has any right to be.

With all that in mind, 2020 brings with it the potential for a whole host of new ‘dream matches’ which could very realistically steal the show at any given moment.

6- Brock Lesnar Vs. Keith Lee

That tease at the 2020 Royal Rumble wasn’t complete. We want the legit, beef-bashing riot in a one-on-one single match this year, I’m talking of course about the huge confrontation between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and NXT North American Champion Keith Lee.

The points all led to the WWE Universe is very much excited to see the two impact again at some time. So, if Lee manages to finish up his time on the NXT before the year is out, a battle for both the company’s top belt or just a good old-fashioned brisket-bout over zero more than the honor of being the best ‘big boy’ in the company could realistically take place in 2020.

Lee’s surprising athleticism and charismatic meme-ability combined with Lesnar’s appetite for power to make anyone looks like a million bucks would make for a match of the year contender, and possibly even act as Lee’s program for a nice long time at the top of the main roster match card.

The pieces are all there, and should Lesnar lose the WWE title at ‘Mania 36, him acting as the monstrous gate-keeper of Raw or Smackdown for future NXT stars could give us countless other ‘dream match’ situations.

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