6 WWE Dream Matches That Could Happen In 2020

4-Brock Lesnar Vs. The Fiend

It seemed as though we were set to be gifted this gem of a champ vs. champ ‘dream match’ at this year’s Survivor Series only for WWE to hold back, giving us a ‘Fiend’ vs. Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio joining preferably.

Both of those matches were still decent in their own right. But, the image of ‘The Beast’ taking on Bray Wyatt‘s change ego is one that your author very much would have favored to have witnessed.

If you support that same opinion then have no fear as the possibilities of this invention showdown cropping up on a card in 2020 is still quite high, they both have their goals to want the fight. Wyatt would relish adding Lesnar’s picture to his ever-growing wall, and Lesnar loves nothing more than choking mystical beings – see The Undertaker.

You can only keep these two away from each other for so long, and whether it’s a fight of the champions or just an attempt to force ‘The Beast’ to Let Him In, you can almost confirm that these two titans of the current WWE roster will come to blows before the year is out.

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