6 WWE Dream Matches That Could Happen In 2020

5-Matt Riddle Vs. Goldberg

Matt Riddle has made quite the habit out of using Twitter as a way to provoke WWE legends/monsters, Lesnar has long been at the top of his hit-list. However, ever since Bill Goldberg walked into 2019’s Super Showdown event against The Undertaker, and put on arguably the worst match of his career, Riddle has had a new game to play with.

His comments on the aforementioned match annoyed ‘Da Man’ and a fight between the two was taken for all to see. Goldberg is heard saying that he isn’t Riddle’s ‘bro’ and despite this, the NXT superstar continues to poke him with the expression. Goldberg can also be heard telling Riddle that he wants to ‘put a stop to that’ – alluding to his Twitter joke – before saying that after his match with Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam 2019, the pair could go ‘any time’.

It would make lots of sense to have Goldberg rub off some of his star power on the ‘King of Bros’ at a big four PPV in 2020 – what more helpful way to announce Riddle on the main roster stage full time, whether Goldberg would agree to put him over is another thing totally… but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

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