7 Things That Must Happen in WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

Elimination Chamber 2019
Elimination Chamber 2020

In WWE Elimination Chamber, they are Programming a card with two Elimination Chamber matches, none of which feature any WWE or Universal Title suggestions, one match is for the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles, and the other will determine Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship challenger for WrestleMania 36.

As always, there are famous spots, and there is a way for WWE to turn this mediocrity into something deserving seeing. To do so, they’ll need to start putting more interesting stories, line up different ‘Mania match and give one man some superstars rub from a story, Here’s something that must happen in WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 :

7- Andrade Remains US Champ

Andrade defeats Rey Mysterio to become the new United States Champion

As impressive as that main event tag match was on Raw, WWE is having a hard time turning fans that Humberto Carrillo is worth supporting. He’s solid in-ring, but Rey Mysterio‘s chum has all the charisma of a ballpoint pen. That’s not something they can hide – he’ll have to get some character at some point.

It’d be a shame if his current Wellness Policy violation made him lose his title. There’s money in a Fatal-4-Way at WrestleMania pitting Andrade against Rey, Humberto, and Angel Garza. The choice is some sort of unusual tag condition that has the title on the line, meaning Garza could lose it for Andrade without the champ taking a pin.

Options are good, and WWE has them, but there’s really no need to remove that belt from Andrade’s slim waist or give Zelina Vega another kayfabe meltdown in the short term. ‘El Idolo’ is the best choice as champion until WrestleMania.

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