7 Surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 36

1- Shayna Baszler absolutely squashes Becky Lynch

Shayna Baszler will get on The Man in what people are expecting to be a huge thing. But what if the plan is not for it to go deep, but it to end before the match even begins? It is clear that Vince McMahon sees Shayna Baszler as the Brock Lesnar of the women’s division if you think how she ran for her competition, and how she could show her dominance by stopping Becky Lynch’s reign in seconds.

Imagine Becky Lynch coming in, all shot up to take the fight to Baszler, but the Queen of Spades just countering Lynch with her vast collection of submission moves, and taking the RAW Women’s Championship of her for good. This would be the most important title to come out of the women’s division since Bayley went heel. It would give Becky Lynch a feud for the future thinking that she’s knocked down every barrier in her way thus far.

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