7 Surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 36

2- Edge loses his comeback match


Edge got the biggest pop ever when he chose to make his return to the WWE during the Royal Rumble, in what can only be called as one of the greatest WWE moments. People were excited to see him return to the ring that he loves after being informed that he would never wrestle again.

And now that a match between him and Randy Orton has been confirmed for WrestleMania, everyone awaits to see him come away with a big victory. But what if it’s not to be and what if Randy Orton beats Edge at WrestleMania?

Still, though the babyface normally stands tall at WrestleMania, one such move would definitely get people talking, and even if the talks are negative, they would create more buzz than anything WWE has done.

Edge losing his comeback match would make a lot of people angry, but this is what WWE likes to do, make a group of fans angry with questionable booking decisions.

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