7 Surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 36

3- Goldberg retains the Universal Championship 


Goldberg is a star who is far beyond his prime, well beyond his years. What not a lot of people understand is the kind of mainstream value that he still has owing to his temporary projects, and because he was the face of pro wrestling alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin during the most exciting period, it has ever experienced and quite likely, ever will.

And for the very reason, do not be surprised if WWE chooses to put the title around Goldberg’s waist, especially if you think that this won’t be Roman Reigns’ big best moment, especially because there won’t be any fans present at all. Goldberg is still one of the greatest draws in the world after so many years, and a name who can bring back a bunch of casual fans to Friday Night SmackDown whenever he decides to show up, and so don’t be surprised if WWE decides to retain him as the Universal Champion.

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