7 Surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania seems very different from all the versions that have led this one, and it could produce new benchmarks, and rules for the event as well. This year, WrestleMania 36 will happen over two evenings in multiple locations, because of the current coronavirus outbreak.

And because of the situation that exists in the world at this time, the matches will take place in front of no crowd at all. For the same reason, it is important for the people watching at home to have a purpose to be spent in the proceedings.

In this article, I shall mention 5 things that could happen during the show that could be called ‘surprises’ :

7-Brock Lesnar loses to Drew McIntyre

Brock Lesnar VS DREW

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have been such an important part of every other’s entourage that it is difficult to believe one without the other these days. But what if the plan is for Paul Heyman to secure that Drew McIntyre is the future, and turn on Brock Lesnar, starting to McIntyre picking up the big victory at WrestleMania? It would really turn everything and could even make Brock Lesnar a babyface.

The problem with WWE’s programming has held that there really hasn’t been a surprise of this world in quite some time, and if it were to happen.

We know Brock Lesnar can talk when he needs to, and maybe he could be matched with a brand-new manager, going forward. We really haven’t seen a fight of the managers yet, and that could be very exciting indeed.

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