6 Things We Know About WrestleMania 36 Plans So Far

2- The Fiend Is Scheduled To Suffer His 1st Loss

bray wyatt Fiend mask

Universal Champion The Fiend has only fought a few of televised matches so far, and he’s undefeated, however, his unbeaten streak is programmed to end in a few months, according to The Dirty Sheets, Vince McMahon is ready to push “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns into the main event scene once again.

The current plan is for Reigns to go on to main event WrestleMania 36 by challenging “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship, right now, Vince is planning to book “The Big Dog” to defeat The Fiend and then have a long run with the Universal Championship.

The writers and backstage agents don’t think it will work, and fans will go back to booing Reigns once again, but Vince disagrees and isn’t willing to change the current plan.

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