5 things Roman Reigns could do when he returns to Raw next week

Many people are eager to get Monday Night Raw next week, not because of Ric Flair’s 70th birthday and the inevitable destruction caused by Becky Lynch, but because the Roman Kingdoms of “The Big Dog” will appear alive!

While the scope of the battle against Reigns leukemia is unknown, the general feeling surrounding Reigns’ prognosis is positive, and Superstar responds well to treatment. In addition, Reigns recently participated in the filming of “Hobbs and Shaw” by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and in the recent photos he looks very good and happy.

I do not want to attract anyone’s hopes, but there is a great possibility that Reign’s general well-being and physical health, as well as the fact that the WWE publishes the appearance in advance, means that we could hear the news of the Roman Reign very well. . this next monday

But what are some of the things you could expect from “The Big Dog” during its unexpected live appearance on Monday Night Raw?

1 * It could announce that return soon

I do not want to prove the fate, or continue and say that there is a possibility that Reigns announces that it is in remission and that it has beaten leukemia for the second time, but obviously this is the announcement that we encourage!

Therefore, for now I will limit myself to the fact that the treatment is going very well and that Reigns should be able to return to the ring sooner rather than later, which would be a remarkable story in itself, since it was only four months ago that Fatal Announcement that he would take his free time.

Obviously, it’s obvious that I just want Reigns to return to the active fight if he’s fit and healthy enough to do it, and that’s why I did not give him a period of time, like “back in time for” Mania “, but if it is responding to the treatment and we were led to believe that there is no reason why, if he wished, he could not begin to prepare for the return of the ring!

What do you think?

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