4 Wrestlers Who Can Eliminate Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble

Brock Lesnar

01 Keith Lee

Keith Lee

The Keith Lee option only came to mind because Dave Meltzer when he said that Brock Lesnar’s story would be that the WWE Champion would be eliminated by a Royal Rumble wrestlers and that would lead him to WrestleMania, mentioned that it was not unreasonable to think that choosing could not only be a Smackdown or NXT wrestlers but also a wrestler out of the usual WWE main eventers and that’s where I thought, Keith Lee.

I’m not a big fan of the NXT wrestler, but Vince McMahon is as reported, and as seen by the push he had during the weeks before and at Survivor Series himself, where he was the last wrestler to be eliminated from traditional Survivor Series battle. By the way or not eliminate Brock Lesnar, here that Keith Lee will be in the last 4/5 wrestler of the Royal Rumble.

But then why Keith Lee? Simple, first is someone who is more gaining fan support, then it’s the less NXT wrestlers who next to Brock Lesnar don’t look like a dwarf and because it would be a much different match for Brock Lesnar and would give that something amazing could happen, and we had Keith Lee suddenly as WWE Champion.

When it comes to elimination, there are several ways to make it happen, each we have Keith Lee get in early and surprise everyone and eliminate Brock Lesnar, or the real surprise is Brock Lesnar staying in the fight until near the end and when Keith Lee enters and eliminates Brock Lesnar.

What do you think?

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