2- The winner of Money in the Bank cash in the evening

It’s easy to tell that with both fights, Becky Lynch will be exhausted at the end of the second, especially if she manages to keep his titles. No doubt the next Miss Money in the Bank will have an eye on The Man, who will be extremely vulnerable during the PPV. We can imagine that in case of double wins, Becky will have to leave for a third fight, against the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase. It remains to be seen whether, in this case, Becky manages to win three matches in one evening in order to boost her untouchable status by another notch, or if too weak, she will see one of her belts leave in the hands of a other.

It should be noted however that this plan will be damaging because already last year, Alexa Bliss had cash the night of her victory, and WWE had therefore not been able to incorporate the Money in the Bank briefcase into its programs, and the wait the cashing can also play on the rise of the hearings.

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