money in the bank 2019 matches

As every year, WWE will be organizing one of its most anticipated PPVs, Money in the Bank, which, as always, will change the titles races thanks to the two bags at stake. Many surprises can happen and it is interesting to think about what might happen, especially as WWE is looking for surprise and renewal in its programs because of bad audiences. A good PPV and more surprising, could help the fans to return to Raw and Smackdown Live.

1- Lacey Evans costs the Smackdown Women’s Title to Becky Lynch

Lacey Evans

A big challenge awaits Becky 2 Belts at Money in the Bank, two title defenses, one against Lacey Evans, the other against Charlotte Flair. Two intense battles so, especially against Charlotte, former 8xWomen’s Champion, she has already met in the ring many times, each time in big fights. However one can imagine that Lynch wins his first challenge of the evening against Lacey Evans, and therefore retains the Raw Women’s Championship, but later lost the Smackdown Women’s Title to Charlotte because of the intervention of .

Lacey Evans, who would come back later to attack the champion and take revenge for her defeat. A plan that would have the advantage of creating a big feud between the two women and that would allow WWE to remove a belt Lynch, because the federation doubts the capacity of the latter to be able to gather the fans around her on the long term. Evans could also see his status evolve into top heel.

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