3 shocking ways in which Brock Lesnar could cash the Money In The Bank Contract

brock lesner

No one would have ever expected Brock Lesnar to become the current Mr. Money In The Bank. The WWE Universe has not at all appreciated this choice, since there were many other Superstars who deserved something more and above all it was immediately thought of the few appearances that Lesnar could do with the briefcase. However, the exact opposite is happening with Brock, who during the last episode of Raw knew he could keep the briefcase for at least a year. Meanwhile, we understand how it could cash.

Sportskeeda offers us 3 shocking ways in which Brock Lesnar could cash the Money In The Bank:

1 Anytime, anywhere

Brock Lesnar

As we all know, the Money In The Bank Contract can be cashed anywhere, anytime. This is also the beauty of the briefcase. Brock Lesnar we know to be a very unpredictable character and with Money In The Bank in his hands it is even more so. Now Brock has known he can keep the briefcase for at least a year and who knows when he will decide to cash it. Here, WWE Bookers could prove superior to anyone by shocking fans at an unexpected time.

2 Kofi Kingston will have to be very careful

kofi champ

After winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 35, Kofi Kingston proved to be a true champion. The federation is managing it really well, so much so that it hasn’t lost a match for more than a month. But with Brock Lesnar and his briefcase around the corner, Kofi will have to be very careful. We also remember that Smackdown will be broadcast on FOX starting in October and the network’s broadcasters have asked for a real and serious product, so Lesnar sample can be more than a hypothesis.

3 Another mountain to climb for Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins will defend the Universal Championship at Super ShowDown, against Baron Corbin. The two have already faced each other often, so many may think that the result is too obvious. However, however, the WWE could surprise us with Brock Lesnar, who would cash in on the occasion of the Arab event, becoming the Universal Champion again. For Rollins, then, there would be a new mountain to climb and by doing so the WWE would give more importance to these PPVs.

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