3 possible Mr Money in the Bank 2019

3 possible Mr. Money in the Bank 2019

In this article, written by Sportskeeda, let’s take a look at the 3 possible superstars who could become Mr. Money in the Bank 2019, in less than 4 months:

1* Drew McIntyre

Since returning to WWE last year, Drew McIntyre has been one of the most dominant and impressive wrestlers on the main roster. He was framed as a monster, first paired with Ziggler, then betraying him and going his way. His victory against Kurt Angle (with an Ankle lock) is a statement that the WWE has big plans for him.

It is very clear that the leadership certainly sees him as a future World Champion, and that he could very well start his path by winning that briefcase. Seth Rollins could soon become the Universal Champion and having McIntyre with the briefcase could lead to a very interesting feud between them.

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