10 Brutal injuries in MMA [Warning: Graphic Content]

Injuries within contact sports (especially combat) are practically imminent, some are slightly injured, others brutally.

This is a compilation of the 10 most brutal injuries in my opinion in the mixed martial arts world. If you have any other suggestions about any that you have seen and should be on this list, place them in the comments.

10- The great cut of Marvin Eastman

With a record of 11-3 at that time (2003) Vitor Belfort was one of the rising stars of the UFC, and after losing a match to Chuck Liddell the previous year, he returned to pursue his quest for a world title.

He faced Marvin Eastman at UFC 43, and in less than 70 seconds, “the phenomenon” did the usual in his fights, swooped in with a string of punches on Eastman, including a knee that cut him off on his right eyebrow, one of the biggest injuries of this kind in the history of the sport.

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