05 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

01 King Corbin

Baron Corbin

WWE’s most polarising character in 2019, King Corbin’s bonehead brawler persona has drawn full heat and scorn from crowds everywhere. As a heel, this is, of course, a blessing for Corbin but there is a serious issue with his work all the same. Many believe it to in fact go away heat very than constructive heat and have jumped to the abysmal RAW ratings late last year during his brief time as the lead character on the show as evidence.

But, it is clear WWE believes in Corbin. This year they have booked him to retire all-time great Kurt Angle, bag the King of the Ring honor and defeat Roman Reigns in what appeared to be the conclusion of their strange winter feud at TLC.

He is challenging for the number one contender for the title next week on SmackDown and while a Corbin vs. Wyatt feud seems unlikely, one can fully expect him to party poop whoever it is that dethrones the monstrous heel in 2020.

In possession of an excellent move set and truly awful promo material, Corbin may wind up filling a similar role to that of genuinely loathed heel champs such as JBL and Jinder Mahal next year.

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