05 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

03 Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle

A hard-hitting but funny character, Riddle has quickly built a connection with the NXT crowds and picked up a surprise pinfall on Randy Orton at this year’s Survivor Series.

Booked powerful week to week, Riddle has curiously lost all of his title challenges so far. Perhaps the plan is to build up anticipation for when Papa Haitch finally pulls the trigger on his resident MMA guy.

Alternatively, they may not bother at all in NXT if rumblings of a main roster debut in the new year prove true, in which case Riddle would be a natural foil for WWE champ Brock Lesnar.

Provided Riddle works a tad better on social media moving forward and steers clear of those funny cigarettes he so loves, 2020 seems a likely time for him to climb one of WWE’s three mounts. NXT needs more different faces at the top of the card in 2020 having been dominated by the DIY boys and The Undisputed Era for the past two years now and Riddle could be the one for the job.

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